Marlervous Fashions Ltd. is uniquely positioned to design, source and produce high-quality, customizable products that will enhance your product line. Based in the United Kingdom, with fully staffed offices in India, Marlervous Fashions Ltd. offers quality-conscious clients immediate, buffered access to a wide base of high-quality fabric and garment manufacturers.

With over twenty years experience in all facets of the industry, Marlervous Fashions Ltd. (M.F. Ltd.) delivers customizable solutions for your business that anticipate industry trends and exceed client expectations. Company founder, Sue Marler's industry experience as Womenswear Manager at French Connection, on the production side of the industry, and as the Product Manager, setting up the New York garment sourcing operation for a textile company, affords Ms. Marler invaluable perspective. William Markose coordinates business activities for M.F. Ltd. from his home base in Chennai, South India. Mr Markose's experience as the director of factory operations and in the production of patterns allows M.F. Ltd. to move your idea swiftly towards reality in the most cost and time effective manner possible.
Marlervous Fashions Ltd. prides itself on offering clients time and cost-effective service solutions and high-quality, unique products that exactly match both specified and unspoken needs. The following is a partial list of service solutions M.F. Ltd. can render.
Having worked for many years on the receiving end of good and bad suppliers alike, M.F. Ltd. appreciates the benefits of having a supplier who fully understands the industry and it's systems, who understands that communication is the key to bringing quality products to market effectively, and understands the attention to detail required to be competetive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We look forward to putting our skills to work for you and your business.


Sue Marler
Director, Marlervous Fashions Ltd.
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